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Print Design

Good products satisfy. Great products inspire.

We specialise in creating unique and distinctive solutions for your marketing material that will set you apart. We will help you build your brand that connects with your audience and drives you towards success.

Annual Reports

To achieve great annual report design requires a combination of clear financial reporting, interesting infographics, concise content structure and high quality print. We do all that. At Kore Design we understand the process that is involved in creating good annual reports. Today many reports are being used as marketing tools as well as boring financial information so we make sure the design, layout and finish is of the highest quality.

Brochures & Flyers

Creative brochure design when used as a marketing tool plays a vital role in communicating your company’s values, beliefs, products or services. A unique and creative brochure design can effectively present your brand, your message and your product or service. Whether it be a brochure, flyer or newsletter, printed or online, they are an extension of your brand identity and should therefore be presented with the same care and attention as every other aspect of your branding. At Kore Design we apply great care and attention, not only to creating the best brochure design possible, but also to the printing.


After all the hard work you have put into writing the book it deserves to look as good as those produced by large publishing companies. We can help you achieve this. Kore Design can offer bespoke cover design, page layout, e-book creation and also help manage the book printing services for authors, self-publishers and independent publishers at prices to suit all budgets. Whatever the size of your budget we are flexible to suit your needs and requirements. Whether you are looking to publish a hardback, paperback – novel, history, biography or coffee table book, when you place a project with us you can do so with confidence, knowing that your project will be handled with the respect it deserves.


Packaging is more than just a box or container that is eventually thrown away. It is a powerful marketing tool that can grab the shopper’s attention, encourage purchase and ensure brand loyalty. It takes only a few seconds for a consumer to make up their mind whether to choose your brand over another. Those critical seconds are your opportunity to make a compelling statement about your brand and cement yourself as the product of choice. At Kore Design we strive to hit the right balance for packaging to be aesthetically stimulating, convey all the necessary information and create brand that is unique and has identity and communication style that immediately stands it apart in the market.

Display / Signage

It is important for a business to have prominent signage and be well presented at expos, conferences or even if it is just the front foyer. From signage, pull-up banners, exhibition stands, billboards, bus backs or simple posters, Kore Design can creatively design the look that will make people sit up and take note.

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