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Inventive and imaginative design solutions no matter how unusual or complex.

My name is Liz Berry and I am the designer and director of Kore Design. I have been in the design and advertising industry for over 30 years and can offer a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the industry including design, graphics communications, marketing and print management, with very effective results.

I have worked with companies of all sizes across many sectors, such as Government, Hospitality, Tourism, IT, Mining, Education, Environment, Agriculture, Non-for-profit Organisations, Employment Agencies for people with disabilities, Retail, and the Cosmetic industry.

I was born in the UK and worked in London-based design agencies for a number of years where I had many blue chip clients such as Apple, Hertz, and Guinness. In 1990 I emigrated to Australia where I worked as a freelancer with some of the bigger advertising agencies in Perth such as Market Force, Brand Agency and 303. This gave me valuable experience and knowledge of Perth, its community and local business.

On the basis of the solid reputation I had gained as a freelancer, in 1993 I was able to form my own business, then called Berry Graphics. I built a substantial client base that consisted of clients from the Government sector as well as small businesses and large corporations. Today with my business re-branded as Kore Design, I am proud to continue to maintain strong working relationships with many of these same clients.

I have undertaken large and small projects targeting a wide range of demographics that have involved design, artwork, photography direction and print management. These projects have required logo design, stationery, brochures, posters, exhibition displays, packaging, annual reports, newsletters, web design and press advertising.

Design is always a challenge as the results need to inspire, educate, inform and persuade the target audience to sit up, take note and remember the message. The services I provide are designed to make this happen through a successful combination of design flair with efficient and effective client liaison.

Why choose Kore Design?

There are four things that make Kore Design distinctive from other design agencies:

The quality of service.

Kore Design provides the full service from design through to print. You as the client get to deal directly with me, the designer, from the briefing stage through to the finished product which guarantees the job will be done correctly and cost-effectively.

Attention to detail and understanding of the client’s needs.

My long experience has resulted in a forensic understanding of what makes a design successful and I am able to use this knowledge to adapt effective and impactful design to suit the requirements of each project.

Extensive industry knowledge.

My knowledge of the industry allows me to advise on the most cost-effective solutions and recommend design and print solutions that work for you.

The quality of design.

I can offer inventive and imaginative design solutions that meet the client’s needs, no matter how unusual or complex.

These four qualities have helped me to build strong and enduring relationships with clients, gaining the sort of trust and respect from them that has led to long term partnerships.

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